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There is a vast array of spectacular things to do while on your Democratic Republic of Congo safari. Your safari in this naturally gifted country takes you to the Virunga National park, the oldest National park in Africa. It also brings you to a close encounter with the Chimpanzees and the gentle Gorillas both in Lowlands and Mountains. A hike on Mountain Nyiragongo leads you to a scenic view of the largest Lava lake. This haven gives you the true feel of the African continent.


DRC is rated as one of the most amazing destinations in Africa. DRC is also known for its vast coverage of rainforests, lakes, rivers and mountains. Besides Rwanda and Uganda, DRC is another haven where you will have an encounter with Gorillas. You will find both lowland Gorilla whilst trekking in Kahuzi National Park and mountain gorillas in the Viruga Rain forests. The forests are also homes to golden monkeys, Chimpanzees and various bird species. While planning out your visit to the DRC, you should factor in for a hike to Mountain Nyiragongo, the only active volcanic mountain in Africa. A highly skilled and trained park ranger will lead you as you go out for the trekking and hiking experiences. The Virunga National park being the oldest park in Africa. The DRC being the second biggest countries in Africa, and 7th worldwide makes it a wide spread scope for a tourist to traverse and discover many more attractions. Plan your Congo Safari with Ancient Africa Safaris.

Why travel to Congo

DRC ranks among the top destinations for a Gorilla tracking adventure in Africa. The Virunga National Park is a haven where these gentle giants call home. Congo boosts of both Mountain and Lowland Gorillas, some of the remaining few worlds over. Within the Virunga National Park, you have an opportunity of visiting six Habituated Families of the lowland or Mountain Gorillas. Gorilla tracking in Congo is cheaper than in both Rwanda and Uganda, with permits going for USD 400.
The only active volcano in Africa is rightly located in Congo- one of the reasons for the country being to top destination place. Hiking Mountain Nyiragongo is such a breathtaking experience with the beautiful view of the lava craters and smoke!

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