Kenya Safaris

Kenya is one of the most visited destinations in Africa. Ancient Africa Safaris offers safari packages to Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli and other top tourist destinations in Kenya.  We combine your wildlife safari with cultural experiences.



At an area of 582,644 sq. km, and bisected by the Equator, Kenya has got a wide variety of tourist attractions. Capitalized with the Great East African Rift Valley running through the highlands from north to south, Kenya is well endowed with a variety of land features lying astride the beautiful escarpments. At the mention of the traditions and cultures, Kenya is ranked among the many African countries to possess a variety of ancient ethnicities like the Maasai, and Bantu groups like the Batwa and kikuyus. The country’s riverine forests, high plains and moorlands, grasslands and semi deserts all provide good habitats for the full panoply of the Wildlife. Enjoy your Kenya Safari

About Kenya

The best time to go on a Kenya Safari is from July to September. This is attributed to the favorable climatic conditions with no mild change in the temperature running almost throughout the year. Cooler weather is often observed between June and October. A long rainy season is from march to May, whereas relatively hotter months from December to March. In the central Kenya (high altitude areas), there is substantial rainfall, going over 2,000 mm per year, more so around the Mau escarpment.

What to see and experience on a Kenya Safari

The never tamed wildlife of Kenya is such a beautiful eye-catch one should have. For the last 40 and more years, Kenya’s wildlife have lived with a ban on being hunted, which makes their fear of humans greatly reduced. There are quite a few places in the world where you can easily watch large predators hunting for food, or even interacting and behaving naturally while you capture them on a sensor.

Once you make up your mind to traverse the terrains of Kenya, you will be able to see two worlds in one land. Kenya is mainly divided up into two divisions, which are lying between the Indian Ocean coast and the Highland interior (up-country). Take a look at;

The Maasai Mara

This lies at the top of most people’s wish lists on a Kenya safari holiday. The Maasai Mara, the land of Disney’s African cats and Big Cat Diary is a beautiful, wildlife rich savannah landscape, where traditionally well-dressed Maasai pastoralists herd their cattle and goats. Here, you will also find good photography scenes amid a panorama of African wildlife. A well planned safari holiday to the Maasai land is a well-deserved one because the Mara is one of the busiest of Kenya’s regions. We pledge to offer you the best of the safari holiday services at Ancient Africa Safaris


The Samburu are camel-herders who migrated into the region several centuries ago, along with the Maasai. The Samburu region, a traditional territory lies in the further North, where the EwasoNyiro river, the life-blood of the region finds its course. A safari in Samburu is rewarding, for you will not want to miss out on the EwasoNyiro’s river banks’ area full of forked palms, riverine acacia forests that offer a cover to prey and predators alike.


Lying north-west of Mountain Kenya, a snow capped mount, And astride of the Great East African Rift Valley, you will find the high plains of Laikipia. These are one of the highly visited wildlife regions in Kenya, rivalling the Maasai Mara for the overall Safari experience.

Meru National Park

This is one of Kenya’s increasingly taken safari itineraries. Known for being a habitat to the jungle’s wildest beasts, the Lions and Lioness, more and more visitors are opting to include Meru in their Safari holidays. This region was off limits due to poaching, but was later taken over by KWS and calm restored.

Among other areas to visit are; Tsavo East National Park, The Kenya Coast, Tsavo West National Park, Amboseli& the Chyulu Hills, The Great Rift Valley, and Nairobi.