Travel tips

Before travelling make sure you are vaccinated against the tropical diseases and also carry along some medication just in case you are on prescribed medicines. Don’t forget the bug repellants to keep away the unwelcome bugs.

Expect to pay for your entry tourist visa to Uganda, which is about USD 50. This visa can be paid on arrival at Entebbe airport, or online.

Uganda has strong cultural and religious values which are dearly followed by the majority of Ugandans. Therefore one has to respect these values by trying to adhere to the norms for example dressing modestly.

Uganda lays along the equator and therefore experiences tropical weather, there are two rain seasons and sunny seasons. Therefore expect rain at any time, for those visiting the rain forests, make sure you carry along your rain jackets and water proof bags to protect your electronic gadgets.

The use of credit cards is limited in Uganda. If you’re lucky enough to find a shop that allows card payment, expect to pay a fee in excess of 5%. Be sure to always carry some cash to avoid inconveniences.

Avoid unnecessary movements alone in areas you are not well conversant with, if you must use your local guide.