Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris have so much to offer in terms of wildlife, with all the big five all on the menu on your safari packages- the elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalos, cheetah, zebras, antelopes, crocodiles etc. can be seen in most of Uganda’s national parks.

The Country is also blessed with the rare primates, the mountain gorilla- with only 800 left in the world. Half of that population is in Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable national park. The chimpanzee population in the world has been listed as critical and again, Uganda is blessed with this rare primate found in the forested areas.

Uganda is a birders paradise, with over 1000 recorded species. You will be spoiled for choice. This is more so because of the many forests and water bodies which cover the significant part of the country.

mburo zebras

2 Days Lake Mburo Safari Uganda

A safari to Lake Mburo takes you to western Uganda- you will come across, Burchell Zebras, Impalas, Rothschild Giraffes, Crocodiles, Buffalo, Antelopes, Hippos,crocs and more.


2 Days Chimpanzee Safari Uganda

Visit a place with the highest concentration of chimps in Africa! Kibale Forest National Park is home to over 1500 individual chimps. Many monkey species are found here in this park.


3 Day Gorilla Safari Uganda

The perfect safari tour for those who want to visit the mountain gorillas and nothing else. This safari takes you right into the impenetrable Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda.

lion-safari uganda

3 Day Queen Elizabeth Safari Uganda

Whether you have got a 3 day safari planned to Uganda or just making a quick trip, you many not want to miss on the wildlife animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


4 Day Gorilla Safari & Chimps

A 4 day escorted safari to experience the the primates of Uganda. Track the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, the chimpanzees and various monkey species in Kibale Forest National Park.

bunyonyi safaris

4 Days Gorilla Tour and Lake Bunyonyi

What could be better than a private 4 day safari to see the mountain gorillas and thereafter relax by the peaceful and breath taking Lake Bunyonyi? Book now for discounts.


8 Days Best Of Uganda Safari

This amazing safari is tailored for people who really want to make the most of their time in Uganda. Tour the top parks of the pearl of Africa, sightseeing, culture and lots of wildlife.


10 days Uganda and Rwanda Safari

If you want to spend 10 days on safari, we have an amazing itinerary covering both Uganda and Rwanda, with a combination of wildlife animals, gorillas, cultural experiences in Africa.

uganda adventure

11 Days Uganda Adventure Safari

This safari adventure has been designed to suite those interested in bird watching, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking and game viewing. It will take you to the very best National parks in Uganda.

day safari uganda

12 Days Uganda Primates and Wildlife Safari

Chimpanzee & Gorilla tracking, tree climbing Lions, Rhinos in Ziwa sanctuary, Hippos in their mud Jacuzzis, Elephants sand bathing, Buffaloes, antelopes, birds and the most beautiful crater lakes in the world.

gorilla treks

13 Day Safari in Uganda Highlights

A boat cruise on the Nile, a walk to track the chimpanzees in the tropical forest, visiting the mountain gorillas in the impenetrable forest, golden monkey cruse and the tree climbing lions.

15 days in Uganda

15 Days in Uganda Safari, Exclusive Trip

On this safari, you will experience the very best of Uganda, from the giant gorillas to lions, chimpanzee, buffalo and more of the big six. Get a taste of the Uganda culture and way of life.

source of nile

1 Day Short Private Tours in Uganda

Have a little time to enjoy Uganda, we have arranged short private day tours starting from Entebbe or Kampala. Visit Ngamba Island for Chimps, Kampala tour and the Source of the Great River Nile

Kobs -Kidepo

3 Days Safari Kidepo National Park

The 3 days Safari Kidepo National Park ushers you to the most remote but yet stunning parks in Uganda. The safari ranks among the most enjoyable wildlife adventures one can ever have in Uganda.

Gorillas in Bwindi

6 days Gorilla Double Tracking.

The six days’ Gorilla double tracking experience in Bwindi Forest National Park gives you the opportunity to visit two gorilla families.  You may also opt to have your tracking done twice with the same family.

Mgahinga Gorilla

3 Days Mountain Mgahinga Hiking Excursion

Ranked among the smallest National Game parks in Uganda, Mgahinga National game park is one of the few places in Africa where you can find the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

About Uganda Safaris

Uganda popularly known as the “pearl of Africa” is a land locked country in east Africa. It neighbors include Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, the DRC in the west, Tanzania in the south and Rwanda in the south west, lake Victoria covers part of the south. Uganda lays in the great lakes region with abundant water all throughout the year making it a living Eden for both human and wild life. All these will enrich your Uganda Safaris experience.

Climate and Hospitality

The country has got warm temperatures throughout the year ranging in mid 20’s with the exception of the north which is fairly warmer averaging 30s and above. Uganda has its uniqueness starting with the unmatched welcoming culture of the Ugandan people. All throughout the country the friendliness of the people makes you feel welcome in the country. With over 56 tribes in one country, diversity in terms of culture can be truly experienced. In the Central region, we have the Ganda tribe which is the biggest of all the tribes in Uganda. They have so much to show case in terms of traditions and culture.

In the Western region, the Ankole culture dominants. This culture revolves around  long horned cattle with the Ankole tribe having so much attachment to the cattle. In the north, Acholi and Karamojong cultures are quite unique with both them having to depend on cattle for their livelihood. The Karamojong have unique cultural practices which are worth paying a visit. Their home steads, dressing, cultural practices like initiation ceremonies, marriage etc You will find this tribe near Kidepo Valley National Park. The pygmies (Batwa) who previously inhabited the forests are worth visiting because of their unique way of life.

Ugandan Culture

Uganda has so many historical sites in the country with the Kasubi royal tombs leading the way. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, being the burial sites for the kings of the most powerful kingdom in Uganda. While planning your Uganda safaris, visit the Namugongo martyrs’ shrines, which are key attractions. These shrines were built to remember those who died for their religion on the orders of King Mwanga of Buganda kingdom. There also other key historical sites like the Bahai temple which is said to be the only one in Africa, the national museum. The places of worship  include the Great Mosque at Old Kampala, Namirembe Cathedral, and Rubaga Cathedral, among others.

Lakes and Rivers

With some of the best known physical features in the world that’s to say the Nile river which is around 4000 kilometers and has its source in Uganda at Jinja. The Nile is talked about world over and there is nothing better than visiting it here in Uganda. On the other hand Uganda has the largest fresh water lake in the world- lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is endowed with so many beautiful islands and so much to do on the lake in terms of tourism.
Your Uganda Safaris will not be complete if you miss other rather impressive sceneries include the crater lakes in the Albertine rift, the Great Rift Valley, the fresh water lakes- Lake Victoria, Lake George, Lakes Edward and Kyoga. The mighty river Nile which has one of the most power falls in the world- the Murchison falls. All this can be tailored during your Uganda safaris expeditions.

Uganda’s Mountains

Uganda lies in the tropics but has got the beautiful snowcapped mountains of the Rwenzori. So for those interested in mountaineering, the Rwenzori with the peak standing at 5,109 meters above sea level, Elgon and Mufumbiro mountains are a great adventure to have here in Uganda. You ought try out the challenging peaks of Margerita on the Rwenzori Mountains, Wagagai on mountain Elgon and the summit of Mufumbiro these can be arranged prior to your arrival.
All in all you will be in for a treat as all the attractions can be packaged in one single safari .

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