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Welcome to Rwanda, one of the most famous destinations for gorilla trekking in Africa. Ancient Africa Safaris takes you for gorilla tracking, wildlife safaris and cultural experience in Rwanda.


10 days Uganda and Rwanda Safari

If you want to spend 10 days on safari, we have an amazing itinerary covering both Uganda and Rwanda, with a combination of wildlife animals, gorillas, cultural experiences in Africa.

Rwanda Genocide in pictures

1 Day Kigali City Tour Rwanda

The 1 Day Kigali tour takes you around the clean Kigali City, visiting the Genocide sites, Local markets among other places. Kigali is also known the city of A Thousand Hills.

Chimp relaxing

2 Days Nyungwe Forest Park

The two Days Nyungwe Forest National Park Chimp Tracking adventure takes you into the well preserved Rainforest park. Chimpanzee tracking extraordinary experience

Stunning Nyungwe Chimps carrying a baby. These will best sooth your soul on the Rwanda Primate safari. Don't miss seeing the gorillas in Volcanoes National park.

5 Days Rwanda Primate Safari

The 5 days’ safari is mainly known for the big primate game viewing. Visit Kigali city, Nyungwe and Volcanoes park. Book now


Rwanda is a unique, yet relatively small sized country located south of the Equator, and at the center of Africa. The small size makes it very possible to experience a number of highlights and fascinating scenes around the country. Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills (Les Pays des Milles Collines’), with a scenically attractive chain of seven volcanoes. Rwanda boasts of one of the richest green undulating landscapes in Africa. It’s  filled with about twenty-three (23) lakes and a number of rivers flowing through the hills. It is believed that some of these rivers form the source of the great River Nile, that crosses through Uganda and ending in Egypt’s Mediterranean see. Rwanda offers an emotional wildlife experience throughout all the parks, including the Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and the Volcanoes National Park, which is best known as a home to the Mountain Gorillas. The above parks form the pivot of tourism in Rwanda, attracting thousands of tourists. The amazing beauty of this country offers a traveler an experience of mountain climbing to the volcanic peaks, Gorilla tracking in the dense montane rainforests, a glamourous view around the developing Kigali, and meeting the hospitable and wonderful Rwandese (people from Rwanda). The government of Rwanda, through Rwanda Development Board has stepped up the tourism industry of the country through international links with an England iconic team, ARSENAL FC, by being a sponsoring partner through the Visit Rwanda initiative. This has year by year brought about more people from overseas to visit this beautiful country, hence increase in earnings through tourism. As according to RDB (Rwanda Development Board, tourism earning increased from USD 390 million in 2016 to USD 438 million in 2017.

Where to go on a Rwanda Holiday

Volcanoes National Park

Located north-west of the country is Volcanoes National Park which is Rwanda’s most famous park. This is located astride the Virungas Volcanic Mountain which is right next to Uganda and DRC. The park harbors the gentle endangered mountain Gorillas, which are some of the few remaining in the whole world. Tracking these primates through the intimacy of the montane rainforests is a very unique experience in this National park. At the boundaries of Volcanoes National Park are the Musanze Caves and Bushanga Eco-Park, an ancient forest with amazing folklore. Here, you will also find different species of the Golden monkeys, which are highly an endangered species mainly found at the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes. Volcanoes National Park also offers an opportunity to the visitors to go hiking and mountain climbing. It is a home to Mount Karisimbi where the Climbing and Hiking are done, both day and night. An adventure in this place guarantees a visitor amazing sights and views of various vegetation as they move in the intense montane while taking a Canopy walk. You will also find the Dian Fossey Camp, where research on the mountain Gorillas was being made by Dian herself in the Karisoke Research Centre. Here, you will find graves of gorillas and the grave for Dian Fossey. Volcanoes National Park also grants one to go on nature walks, like the Buhanga Sacred Forest walk. This forest has a variety of colors which come through depending on the season. The park also has has a number of lakes, like the Ngezi Lake, Twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. These are ideal places for a trek, way to the Russumo Falls, under a guide. Outside the Volcanoes National Park is found the Iby’Iwacu Village, where visitors go for cultural and heritage experiences.

Akagera National Park

The park roots its naming to the great Akagera River which flows through along its eastern boundary, pouring into a number of lakes which include Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani. Akagera National Park is covered with stunningly scenic Savannah plains, pleasant hills, broad leaved plants and a dozen lakes. If you are interested in traditional safaris, Akagera National Park is the perfect destination for you, with a diversity of fauna and flora, coupled with an opportunity for wildlife viewing. The captivating scenery of the park lures many visitors and tourists to this Lake district. The park is a natural habitat to a number of game species, primates and birds. Here, you will find the Sitatunga and the Shoebill stork, some of the restricted species found in the papyrus swamps, the gonolek and other bird species in the wetlands harboring the Akagera River. Amongst the wildlife, you may be able to see some game giants including buffaloes, zebras, topi, waterbucks, elephants, Impalas, lions, leopards and the side striped jackal. Among the primates, you will see the blue monkey and baboons.

Nyungwe National Park

If you want to have a good Bird watching experience in Rwanda, you would not want to miss visiting the dense rainforest. Nyungwe National Park is a spectacular heaven on earth haven, with a rich eco-system able to support a number of primates and plant species. The park is found in a heavily dense tropical rainforest of Nyungwe, lying in a mountainous region, a home to chimpanzees and other primate species over 12 in number, some of these including the L’Hoest monkey found in the Albertine region, the owl Faced monkey, the Dent’s Mona monkey and the Velvet monkeys. This stunning park is commonly visited by botanists for research on the over 140 orchids and 1065 plant species. Birders will find Nyungwe National park a top destination for it is among the best places to be for birdwatching, with over 310 birds species, including the Chapin’s flycatcher, the Red-collared Babbler among others. Nyungwe National park boasts of over 70 mammals including leopards, Serval cats, mongoose among others. While in the park, you will enjoy a Canopy Walk and a memorable view of the Isumo Waterfall as you do your hiking. You will also have a fancy tour around the Gisakura Tea plantations which form the boarder of the game park, with visit to the habituated group of the Rwenzori colobus monkeys.

 Kigali City

Kigali is capital city of Rwanda and the busiest place in the country with high skyscrapers stemming up. It is among Africa’s cleanest cities, making it friendly an environment for many to stay. The country-wide culture of service called Umuganda, constitutionalized by the country’s president brings every citizen together on a last Saturday morning of each month to do community works and projects like helping out the needy neighbors, general street cleaning, and gardening. It is in Kigali that most of the other developments around the country are being hinged, as attributed to by the good road planning as they radiate outwards to the East, West, North and South. It is because of this that many decide to spend a night in this wonderfully planned capital, as it is safe and well secured. The city is surrounded by a number if hills, which is one of the main attraction for many, keeping them occupied as they walk about in the restaurants, cafes and plenty of bars. Kigali does not, however, receive as many tourists as other outskirt area of the country, more so those within the proximities of the National parks and other gazette areas. In Kigali, you will be able to visit the genocide Museums, go smart shopping, take sporty outings among other activities as you marvel at the orderliness of this City.

When to go

The most ideal time to visit Rwanda is in the season between the periods of December to February and June to September. This renders it possible to visit the country haven all year through. The period between October and November is rainy, though a few travels can still make their way to their destinations. If planning for a Gorilla tracking experience or primate tour, forest walks, the traveler ought to plan well before moving for their safari.

 The Rwanda Genocide

 The history of Rwanda makes it a very inspiring and surprising country for a safari holiday. The 1994 genocide marked a tremendous change in the political figure Rwanda, since the fight against the Tutsis. You will desire to have a narration of the events that sparked off the genocide, but can best be told when you set foot in this memorable land. Currently, the people of Rwanda identify themselves as Rwandans, with no tribal differences of the Hutus and Tutsis. This helped in strengthening the unity of the country, hence fostering peace, harmony and development. Every year from April to July, a commemoration termed as Kwibuka is held as a source of healing the country. At this time of the year, there are many visits made to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, in addition to other centers over the country by both Nationals and Foreigners so as to get the proper history of how the genocide came up. The testimonies of the nationals are ever captivating and renewing to many, including researchers.

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